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Renewables: should you go for it?  Probably not.

Whenever you think ‘Should I buy a solar panel‘ (or turbine, etc.) there is a very simple calculation to do.  All you have to weigh up is the costs and the savings.  Simple, right?  So ‘A’ will be your costs, and ‘B’ will be your savings.  B must always be better than A…by a decent margin.  Otherwise, what’s the point?  Not only that, but it must be within a reasonable time.  So if you shell out £5,000 on some energy-saving scheme, how long will it be before you get that £5,000 back?  You are going to want it back within 10 years, surely?  This means calculating ALL your costs over that 10 years, not just the initial purchase cost, but the maintenance and replacement parts as well.  And it means your actual savings over 10 years, too.  This is because you may, initially, get a good return on your investment, but that may fade off a bit.

Ok, so let’s do a simple A and B

[article still in progress]


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